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Aviomarine Consulting Solution

is a team of experienced professionals in the field od aviation. We offer a variety of services, including passing on our experience to future pilots and other aviation staff.

In the field of education, we offer Aviation Training courses for Pilots, Air Hostesses and Flight Dispatchers, and Aircraft Maintenance Training.

We also offer Flight sharing and we take pride in providing very special tailored mission solutions in the field of Surveillance and Search and Rescue.

Last but not least, we offer Meteo Aviation Course and Marine Meteo services.

In case you need it, we have various solutions for accommodations in the Czech Republic, for our students.

For further information on our services, please contact us.

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    Prague Letňany Airport

    Hůlkova, Praha 19, Czech Republic

    Airport Medlánky

    Turistická, Brno – Komín, Czech Republic

    Com.te Giorgio Edoardo Bignotti

    CEO, Commander, Flight Instructor, Instrument Rating Instructor, Class Rating Instructor, aviation educator.​

    Domenico Furfaro

    Commander Bignotti (right) with Marketing and training expert Domenico Furfaro (left) at a course in the Prague 5 Educational and Information Centre.

    We inspire confidence in the flight by letting the student know the environment in which he will operate (both as regards the interior of the aircraft and the work areas on the ground and in the air). Establish the concept of flight safety.