TAILORED Mission Solutions.

Airborne Maritime Patrol, Surveillance and Search and Rescue
AeroMISSION, AVIOMARINE s.r.o., Maritime Patrol, Surveillance and Search and Rescue system, provides an integrated solution for sensor operation, sensor data acquisition and sensor fusion.

AeroMISSION is capable to support maritime and coastal airborne operations:

  • Maritime Patrol
  • Border Patrol
  • Pollution Detection and Mapping
  • Fishery Patrol
  • Anti Smuggling Patrol
  • Offshore Oil Field Monitoring
  • Search and Rescue
  • Research Applications


  • Low to high end solutions regarding mission, sensors, mission software and communication
  • Integrated common sensor data representation for situational awareness
  • System integrated sensor control
  • Mission guidance and tactical planning support
  • Data communication via satellite link and HF link
  • Support of networked operations (several aircraft, mission center, sea borne vessels)
  • Moving map display with overlay of mission data
  • Digital data storage capabilities also for audio and video
  • Visualization of AIS transponder signals
  • Visualization of direction finder information
  • Automatic generation of dropping capabilities
  • Bubble window for visual search

Marine Weather


Whether you are a boater, skipper, surfer, kite surfer, diver or a fisher, you will find all the forecasts you need AVIOMARINE S.R.O.

• FORECASTS Live forecasts and 15-day forecasts over a dozen parameters

  • Compare the forecasts of the most visited weather sources in France to help you decide
  • Compare the weather of several spots if you are not sure about your destination
  • Create your own spots and share them with your friends and family
  • TIDES Easily consult the coefficients, heights and times of the tides
  • INTERACTIVE MAPS with forecasts and warnings in case of gales and storms
  • Hour-by-hour survey of more than 300 buoys and beacons in France and Europe
  • Are you at sea? Share your observations with other members of the community
  • FAVOURITES access your favourite marine zones and bulletins with a single click, and synchronize your favourites with the ones you have on the METEO CONSULT Marine website.


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